Estabilish Data-Driven Strategies and Maximize Business Revenue


Collect data and train how to utilize

데이터 구축 및 내재화

VOC/Advertisement/Analytics Data Integrated Dashboard

통합 대시보드

Maximize search engagement by ranking higher in search results

검색엔진 최적화

Optimize customer experience to minimize journey abandonment

구매전환율 최적화

Project Process

Estabilish Data-Driven Strategies and Maximize Business Revenue

1. Collect and Train
계정생성 및 권한부여

1. Create Account

데이터 활용 환경구축

2. Collect Data

시각화 대시보드 Trend, ADs, GA

Build Dashboard

Trend, Ads, Analytics

데이터 활용 교육

4. Train how to use data

3. Optimize Conversion Rate
고객 경험 최적화

8. Optimize user experience

구매 전환율 최적화(CRO)


2. Optimize Marketing Activities
검색엔진 최적화(SEO)

6. SEO

광고 비용 최적화

5. Optimize Ad Spend


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  • UN
Integrated Digital Consulting

Hi, my name is Jonghyun Choi and I am the Head of Fundraising at UNICEF Korea. PLUS ZERO has been a partner of UNICEF Korea for many years and has helped us optimize our sponsorship performance.

1. Online Donation Path Optimization
 We continuously identified drop-off points along the journey of potential donors. By changing...

Integrated Digital Consulting

Through our work with PLUS ZERO, we were able to improve access to key country-specific data and introduce global standardized performance metrics that we could then...

Data Visualization

Hi, I'm Hye Sung Nam from Samyang. With PLUS ZERO's data visualization, we were able to see the key indicators needed to run our business. We have insights into the customer's purchase journey, acquisition, search, conversion, advertising...

Building and internalizing data

We are the digital marketing team at Hotal Shilla. Through PLUS ZERO's data construction and internalization training on Google Analytics, we were able to check the performance of each hotel brand and branch directly and utilize the desired data. By identifying the behavioral patterns of customers with high reservation rates for each of...

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